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Spend time with rescued elephants
in Pattaya

An Unforgettable Experience with Elephants

Join us at Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary and spend time with a small herd of rescued elephants now living together as a family. Observe the elephants enjoying their newfound freedom with wonder and joy – trumpeting to each other while playing and exploring their jungle habitat.

Guests can expect a meaningful, eco-friendly encounter with these gentle giants as part of a small group. You will have the opportunity to feed the elephants, walk with them along jungle trails while they forage, and observe them interacting with each other while taking a mud bath and playing together in their pool. Your visit will be helping to support sustainable, ethical elephant tourism.

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'Saddle Off' Model

We follow the 'Saddle Off' model promoted by Asian Elephant Projects - which means no elephant riding, performing in shows, or the use of bullhooks.

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Ethical Elephant Tourism

By visiting our elephant sanctuary you are helping to provide a caring home for elephants where they are free to express their natural instincts without fear.

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Observe Elephants Respectfully

Be part of the solution - spend time observing elephants in an environment where they are respected, not exploited - free to socialise, play, and walk in nature.

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Meet the Elephants

rescued elephant enjoys her freedom at Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary Thailand


Born 1967

Singha Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary Thailand


Born 2014

elephant forages in the forest at Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary Thailand


Born 1978


Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary only accepts payment by cash on arrival at our sanctuary. If you receive an email requesting payment by bank deposit please do not pay this way. The email was not sent from the staff at Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary.

Pattaya Elephant Sanctuary Welcomes You

Your visit to our sanctuary makes ethical elephant tourism based on compassion possible and sustainable. We thank you on behalf of the elephants!